Oval Body Shape

04 Jun

All You Need to Know About An Apple (Oval) Body Shape



Oval Apple Body Shape



Oval Apple Body ShapeThe important fact about an apple body shape (also known as an oval body shape) is that this is the most sensitive body shape when it comes to weight gain, because everything seems to gather in the middle area of the body. Women with this body shape already are fuller in the mid-section, having a generous bust, a waist that almost does not exist and a belly that is always a trigger for frustrations. The thin legs and arms will only underline these aspects, so women with this body shape have a bit of work to do if they want to look fit. Of course, there is no general rule that all women with an oval body shape to be full in the middle, but the bust will remain generous and will have wider shoulders.




The Best Foods To Eat To Lose Weight With


Olives and Olive oil

Cashew Nut








To make sure that the belly is not going to be more present than it already is, an apple shaped woman will have to be careful what she is eating and doing proper physical exercises. Abdominal fat is considered to be the most stubborn type of fat, being very hard to lose it once it gets installed. And this body shape is the most prone to make this kind of fat deposits. A woman with an oval body shape should eat a lot of healthy fats and little carbs.

Contrary to what many people think, eliminating fats from the diet to get rid of fat deposits is not the smartest move. Healthy fats are needed, and they even help shed abdominal fat, not consuming these elements leading to a failure is getting rid of belly fat. So do enjoy nuts, avocados, and olive oil in your diet. Also consume high-fiber foods and complex carbs, like beans, veggies, fruits and whole grains. Be careful at foods with sugar content, because persons with an oval body shape already have a higher blood sugar level than normal.



What’s The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast


Sleeping Woman

Exercises For Oval Body Shape








You will have to exercise as well, being great for working your abdominal muscles and losing fat from your middle area. Cardio training is probably working the best for this body shape because it allows you to burn fat from the abdomen and waistline. So a high-intensive aerobic training and effective strength moves, to tone and define muscles, will help you stay in shape.

You don’t have to do these daily, but three or four times every week is necessary to have a beautiful body shape. Believe it or not, to have enough sleep is one of the crucial points to achieve great weight loss. Make sure you get good sleep for at least 8 hours to feel refreshed and energised for you workout. That is one important step that many people do not know about when trying to lose weight.



Fashion For You


Oval Body Shape Fashion

Oval Body Shape Fashion

Apple Body Shape Fashion







Concerning the clothes that will make your body look best, you will have to look for those clothing pieces that will make you look tall and slim. For instance, tops with a V and U-neck are perfect, together with the ones that have belted or nipped waists. Also, pick the ones with vertical prints and details and the ones that have a flared design around the hips. These pieces will narrow your figure, helping you look slimmer in the middle section of your body.

Regarding the lower part of the body, you will need some volume here, so pants with whiskering and flared or bubble skirts will work just fine. Also, don’t go for skinny pants, because the ones with full or wide legs work better in your case. And do also opt for the ones that have volumizing details around the hips and bottom area.



The Famous People with a Oval/Apple Body Shape


Drew Barrymore
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey











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The candida overgrowth

02 Jul


What is The Candidiasis or also Known as The Candida Overgrowth?



Young Woman Reading Interesting Article



If you are a woman, and you have The Symptoms mentioned in this article, you should definitely learn more about What is The Candidiasis or also called The Candida Overgrowth. We mainly know that it is a fungus that lives in our intestines, thriving due to the conditions found there, and it is usually not bothering us. Well, this thing can change because fungi, regardless of nature, are opportunistic organisms, so they will take the chance to multiply and overgrow, if they have it.


If nothing disturbs the balance in your intestines, the bacterial flora, including Candida, will do its job properly, aiding you in the digestive processes. Also, this balance will maintain a strong and reliable immune system. But, when the balance is disturbed and something causes the Candida numbers to grow too much, problems start to appear. When this happens, digestion will not take place as it should, your immune system will be weakened, and you will experience a series of symptoms throughout the entire body.





What’s The Candida Overgrowth and Which Form is Causing Health Issues?



Candida Albicans in an Yeast Form
Yeast Form
Candida Albicans Fungal Form
Fungal Form








To know better how Candida causes issues, we should take a look at some aspects first. There are three forms of Candida, two of them being of major interest because they cause the most frequent health issues. One is the yeast form and the other is the fungal form. Both of them, when multiplying too much, release a number of toxins in the body, causing Candidiasis.

This is the infection causes by Candida, as a result of its overgrowth. And if an infection is not enough, a Candida infection is a difficult one to handle, because this fungus is quite adaptable when it comes to environment conditions. With other words, it can live in a wide range of temperatures and pH, being more robust than the majority of microorganisms. Thus, once you have this infection, it will take a while to treat it and control it. Former Candida Sufferer & Doctor Reveals How to Get Rid of Your Yeast Infection Here



What’re The Candida Symptoms?



Woman With an Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Pain
  • Digestive Issues        = >          Bloating and Gas

Abdominal Pain

Stomach cramps

Weight gain





Woma- Having-Spots
Spots or Acne
  • Skin Infection        =>       Athlete’s Foot




Itchy, Red skin rashes


Oral thrush



Woman With Insomnia
  • Feeling of Exhaustion         =>         Insomnia

Tired and feeling run down

Difficulty Concentrating

Brain fog

Poor memory




Two Friends Cheering Up Young Depressed Girl
Depressed Young Woman
  • Mood swings            =>            Irritability


Panic attacks






Woman with Urinary Infection
Urinary Infection
  • Urinary Track Infection       =>       Recurring Bladder infection

Vaginal itchiness and infections

Pain during or after having sex






Young Woman Infected with Cold
Young Woman Infected with Cold
  • Allergies        =>        Asthma

Hay Fever symptoms

Sinus Congestion or Runny nose

Sore throat

Frequent colds




Young woman with sweet cravings
Sweet Cravings
  • Strong Food Cravings     =>    Sugar


Junk food





If you would think that the Candida overgrowth has obvious symptoms, you should know that there is obvious evidence only in some cases, like oral thrush or vaginal yeast infection. In the rest of the cases, the symptoms can be easily mistaken with the symptoms of other diseases, so it is important to have in mind the previously mentioned aspects. If you know you have a diet rich in sugars, if you know you took antibiotics or if you use birth control pills, then you should know that you are more exposed to Candida overgrowth.

Get Your Ultimate Candida Treatment and Fight All of Your Symptoms Away To Achieve Better Quality of Life 


Do have in mind that Candida infections affect each person in a certain way, so it is not a rule for the symptoms to manifest the same in the case of several individuals. Let us take a look at some symptoms in more detail. Oral thrush is quite visible, because white spots will appear inside your mouth, on the tongue and lips. The lips may also be cracked and have red corners. In the case of vaginal yeast infection, soreness and itchiness are common, together with discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse.



Woman with Asthma
Woman with Asthma
Woman with painful Headache
Painful Headache
Young Woman with a Skin Rash
Skin Rash







The skin can also be affected by fungal infections, red and itchy rashes appearing on the skin’s surface, which will also release some clear fluid. The nails are another sign, when they grow yellow and appear like dispatching from the skin underneath them, together with pain, sensitivity and redness around the nail.

Unfortunately, Candida infections can also affect a person’s mind, if the infection is not treated correctly. Brain fog, loss of memory, the sensation of tiredness, depression, panic attacks, poor coordination, anxiety, insomnia, poor libido, and lack of focus, call all be signs of Candida overgrowth. Of course, you don’t have to experience of all them, if you get this infection. Digestive issues will appear as well, like diarrhoea, gases, bloating, constipation, itchy anus, cramps in the stomach, acid re-flux, and gain in weight.

Candida overgrowth will affect the respiratory system as well, having symptoms like sore throat, sinusitis, asthma, persistent coughing, and symptoms similar to hay fever. It may also trigger a set of allergies, even allergies you never had before, and it affects the immune system, making you catch a cold more often, get ear infections, urinal infections, or a runny nose that won’t stop. And it is also capable of causing pains, like join pain, headaches, muscle pain, or increase your eyes’ sensitivity to light.



What’re The Causes Of Candida?




Sugary Foods

Hot Chocolate






When Candida starts spreading so much, starting to cause problems, something must have changed in the organism, favouring this growth. So what are these changes? What are the factors that influence Candida is such a great degree. The primary causes are a diet with a lot of sugary foods and antibiotics. Of course, these are not the only causes, as they are the most common ones found at the majority of persons suffering from this condition.

You need to be aware that in order to beneficiate from The Most Efficient Treatment, you will first need to identify the cause that triggered Candida overgrowth, because by eliminating the cause, you will also get rid of the problem. In your case, one cause can be responsible, or several ones, so you will have to be careful and notice which ones are doing you harm. For this, you will have to know all the causes that trigger this problem.



  • Sugar

As mentioned previously, your diet can be the culprit, especially a diet rich in sugar. There is the belief that natural sugars are not harmful, only the sugar that is added to food. Unfortunately, it appears that natural sugars, the ones found in fruits, can also negatively influence Candida. Of course, this doesn’t mean to stop consuming fruits, but to be more careful about them and have a balanced diet.

The Candida yeast cells are big sugar fans, not carrying from where their sugar supply is coming from, enjoying a fresh fruit as much as a cookie or chocolate bar. If you already have a problem with Candida, it is best to avoid fruits completely during the period of your treatment, or during the adoption of a diet that is meant to solve this issue. Yes, there is a diet that can help you with your Candida problem, but we will talk about it a bit later. For now, let us focus on the causes, so you will know to identify the roots of your problem, for an effective approach.



Dairy Products

Alcoholic Drink







We talked about how sugar can help Candida grow so much, but there are other foods as well that can favor its overgrowth. You should know that Candida likes drinks with a content of caffeine, grains with gluten, beverages that contain alcohol, starchy veggies, some types of nuts, a large part of the farmed fish and dairy products. These foods can not only create a Candida overgrowth, but can also trigger unwanted reactions in the case of person that already suffer from such an infection. Getting back to sugar, because it is the most preferred, let us see why Candida likes it so much.

Practically, there isn’t a particular explanation to this, except for the fact that Candida enjoys carbon-based organic compounds as sources for its energy, which means they enjoy sugar, because sugar contains these compounds. Without this energy source, the Candida yeast won’t be able to grow and cause so many troubles. Thus, if we don’t consume sucrose, fructose or glucose, the Candida cells will starve and will not be able to grow and turn into the fungal form, the most aggressive form of Candida. This is why through a correct diet, the problem of Candida can be solved amazingly.



  • Antibiotics


Still, is our diet the only problem? Well, in most cases, our diet is the biggest part of the problem, completed by stress and the presence of antibiotics. But, there are cases in which a sugar-rich diet that is followed for a long term to be the only trigger of Candida overgrowth. So the consumption’s of sugary foods for a long while can have this effect. Do have in mind that a sugar-rich diet does not mean to consume a lot of sweets, like cakes, candies and chocolate.

Many foods we find in stores, even if they are not in the sweets sector, contain a lot of sugar, sucrose, or corn syrup. So, without even knowing, we end up eating more sugar than we need. You need to be more careful about what you eat, because you will be shocked to see sugar, in any of its forms, present on the label of many products, even of the ones you consider healthy.



The second most important cause of Candida overgrowth is antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed for very many health conditions, producing unbalanced in the body while treating your health issue, allowing Candida to spread too much. The wide spectrum antibiotics are the most dangerous, because they are designed to kills any bacteria, even the good ones, allowing Candida to get out of control. You see, we have “good bacteria” in our gut, being the healthy flora, which keeps Candida from causing any problems. These good bacteria will naturally adjust the numbers of Candida, maintaining a balance in the organism.


Kefir in a a Glass Jug
Healthy Happy Woman
Healthy Happy Woman








When we take antibiotics, especially broad spectrum types, together with the viruses and bacteria that give you a hard time, the healthy flora is also decimated. Thus, Candida will have no more competition, being free to take all the available resources and spread without limits. Also, at the same time, your immune system is weakened as well, allowing it to produce infections and other problems. Thus, if you had to take a treatment based on antibiotics, it is recommended to take probiotics as soon as possible, to help your intestinal flora get back in balance.

In case there is no way to avoid antibiotics, because your health condition cannot be treated otherwise, after having a discussion with your doctor, then you need to know how to protect your healthy flora. You can avoid its destruction by consuming high-quality probiotics, or eating fermented foods like kefir, because they will maintain the balance in your digestive system.

Also, these methods will not prevent your medical treatment from functioning as it should, because both the probiotics and kefir will allow the healthy bacteria replace the numbers that have been lost due to antibiotics. Also, it is recommended to start taking the probiotics before the antibiotics treatment starts, to make sure that your flora will be ready to tackle even a challenge of this kind. Another thing you can do is to leave a 2-hour break between the two, so that the probiotics won’t get neutralized by the antibiotics. To know how to manage this situation best, you can talk with the doctor that prescribed you the antibiotics and see which strategy works best.



  • Stress



Young couple checking their bills
Couple stressing out over bills
Stressed and Tired Mother
Mum with many tasks
Depressed Business Woman
Stressed woman at work



We know just how toxic stress is for our organism, being a silent enemy that damages our organism without us even knowing, not until it is too late. Of course, there is the chance of not hearing stress on the actual list of causes that trigger yeast infections with Candida, but there are concluding evidence that this can be a significant cause, especially the vaginal yeast infection. But, don’t start worrying that you will get a yeast infection each time you will get stressed. This is more likely to happen only when two more conditions are met.

These are elevated blood sugar levels and an immune system that has been weakened. Both of them are caused by cortisol, the stress hormone released by our body. You see, when cortisol is released, the blood sugar levels will grow, because your body will try to find all the available resources to provide the organism with sufficient energy to manage the challenge or danger you are in. This is how your brain will translate stress, as being a situation that puts you in danger, mentally or physically, so it will try to give every cell the power to fight.

We just saw earlier how much blood sugar levels can influence the growth of Candida, favouring the appearance of yeast infections. And if we take into account the fact that cortisol will weaken the immune system, the perfect environment will be created for the Candida to thrive and start causing healthy problems. So, whatever you do, try to keep stress levels low, because it can give you some hard times.



  • Contraceptive Pills


Many women take contraceptive pills because it is an easy and comfortable birth control method. As any other pills, they have their advantages and downsides, one of these downsides being the fact that it can allow Candida to grow more than necessary. These pills contain estrogen, which will influence the production of glycogen in the vagina. Again, this compound represents the energy source of Candida yeast cells, the risk of their overgrowth being higher than usual.

And this is not just a mere assumption, because medical studies showed that women that have an estrogen intake, especially through contraceptive pills, are more likely to deal with a Candida Albicans infection than women that do not use these pills. The situation gets even worse if you need to take antibiotics as well. In this situation, while the Candida cells are well fed, the antibiotics will eliminate the competition, allowing Candida to take over your organism.


Yeast Infection
Yeast Infection
IUD Contraception
IUD Contraception








If you think that other contraceptive methods will not cause the same effects, you are wrong. For instance, the intra-uterine devices, known as IUDs, can also create a favourable growing environment for Candida. It seems like the cells of this fungus are able to attach themselves to the parts of the IUD, regardless of its material, making the yeast infection a recurrent problem in women that used these contraceptive methods. The same scenario will happen in the case of a diaphragm as well.

Even if this rubber ring is efficient for birth control, completely covering the cervix, it will as well provide a favourable ground for the breeding of Candida. This happens because the device usually sits for a long period inside your body, making these infections a recurrent problem. So if you are wondering what are the best contraceptive methods from this point of view, which do not allow Candida to grow too much, then these are the male and female condoms, and the spermicidal jelly. These are used only when needed, not turning into a growing ground for Candida Albicans.



  • Diabetes


Why Diabetes Happens
Why Diabetes Happens
Young Diabetic Girl
Young Diabetic Girl








Of all health issues, this one triggers the biggest cause that will lead to yeast infections. Diabetics usually have a high blood sugar level, which means that the Candida yeast cells are fed and can grow without a problem. So diabetics will face these infections more often than regular persons. Also, diabetics will have a weaker immune system, because this is one of the symptoms of this illness. This aspect is once more related to the high blood sugar levels, because the high glucose quantity is making the receptors in the body inefficient, not allowing them to see potential dangers. Practically, nothing will stop Candida from growing, and from reaching its fungal form.

The type of diabetes will count as well, because various medical studies showed that people suffering from type I diabetes are more prone to developing Candida infections than the ones that suffer from the type II diabetes. Also, even if you are not yet a diabetic, but your blood sugar levels are high, according to medical tests, making you on the verge of becoming a diabetic, you are also exposed to this type of infection. In this case, it would be helpful to know that the diet developed to keep Candida from growing, is also suitable for people with high blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes from getting installed, especially if you risk this. This is because the diet is a low-sugar diet, also helping a person lose weight as well.



  • Chemicals present in our drinking water


Shower with chlorine water filter
Shower with chlorine filter
Chlorine in the swimming pool
Chlorine in the swimming pool
Water Filter
Water Filter







For water to be safe for drinking, it must be disinfected first, so it won’t have pathogens that can trigger various diseases. The most commonly used disinfectant is chlorine, a potent agent that kills all types of bacteria in the water. But, even if the water we drink represents no danger from a bacteriologic point of view, the chlorine itself becomes an enemy. It is not the healthier thing you can introduce in the body, because once chlorine reaches your stomach and intestines, it will destroy both the good bacteria and Candida as well, without making any difference.

Thus, your immune system will be weakened, allowing Candida to get a chance at taking over. You may wonder why chlorine is still used for disinfecting water if it can cause a Candida yeast infection. Well, health authorities around the world decided that it is best to avoid the diseases that can be caused by untreated water, than the risks of developing a Candida infection. If you wish to avoid getting chlorine in your body, carbon-based filters can be installed on your faucets, shower head, or any other point of entrance for water in your home.



  • The amalgam for fillings



Dentist removing amalgan fillings
Cilantro- Coriander
Cilantro- Coriander


The  amalgam for dental fillings that contain mercury can have a detrimental effect on the body, causing a series of problems, including Candida overgrowth. Mercury acts like a neurotoxin, so it will affect the brain, causing symptoms like brain fog, loss of memory and the sensation of constant fatigue. Believe it or not, these are the same symptoms one may experience when the organism is infested with Candida. Also, the reason mercury aggravates things is that it will affect the immune system, weakening it, allowing Candida to spread without being controlled. If you know of having these mercury fillings, you can opt for removing them, but only if the procedure is done by a responsible dentist that knows what he is doing.

Toxic gases will be eliminated through the procedure, and he will have to make sure that you won’t inhale them. Also, he should make sure that you won’t swallow any bits of mercury filling, through your saliva, during the procedure. Plus, you will have to consume foods that contain chelating agents, which are components that form bindings with metal, helping the body clean them out of the system more efficiently. Such foods are garlic, cilantro (Coriander) and chlorella. Eat them in all sort of recipes a few days before the procedure and one week after, so your body will be ready to remove any metal residues.



  • The wrong pH


PH Scale
PH Scale
Example of normal and acidic stomach
Example of normal and acidic stomach















When we are talking about pH and Candida, things can get quite confusing. As mentioned before, there are two forms of Candida, the yeast and the fungal form. Now, each of them prefers a totally different pH to exist. The yeast cell will appreciated an acidic environment, this is why it thrives in the stomach and intestines, where the pH is below 4.0. On the other hand, the fungal form of Candida enjoys an alkaline pH to thrive, of about 7.0. So, Candida needs to pass from an acidic to an alkaline environment to turn from a yeast cell to the fungal, and more dangerous, form. Can Candida do this? You will be surprised to see it can. When you feed, it will break down the nutrients you introduce in the digestive system, producing ammonia. Now, ammonia is an alkaline gas, allowing the yeast cell to morph into the fungal form. Candida can grow the pH from 2.5 to 7.0 in a matter of a couple of hours.

To know what to do best, you should know with what type of Candida you are dealing. So, in case of a yeast cell, reducing the acidity in the stomach and intestines will slow its growth, also not allowing the cell to turn into a fungus. In the case of the fungal form, growing the acidity will destroy it, as it will not withstand the normal acidity of the stomach and intestines…


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What’re the Benefits of Lemon Water

22 Jun

 What’re the Benefits of Lemon Water?




Lemon WaterLemon JuiceLemon








We know that lemons are rich in vitamins and we also know that we should drink a sufficient amount of water. Well, if you are trying to lose weight and wash away the toxins in your organism, you should know that lemon water is a combination between the two that should not miss from your diet. But, why drink lemon water instead of just eating lemons or drinking their juice?

Even if lemons are packed with vitamins and minerals, like vitamins C and B, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and fibers, their juice can be quite harsh on your digestion and teeth enamel, due to its acidity. So it is best to dilute it with water, enjoying all the benefits lemons can give you, while staying hydrated as well. Here are the reasons why you should do so.



It keeps your immune system working properly



Young Woman Infected with Cold

Tired and Stressed Woman


If you didn’t know, your immune system needs vitamin C to work properly and fight off any infections, viruses or bacteria that are trying to make you ill. Luckily, lemons have plenty of vitamin C, so drinking lemon water will keep you on the safe side. It will keep colds and flu away, together with a set of infections, promoting a great state of health. You may also make sure you drink this water especially when you are stressed, because stress affects negatively your immune system.



It feeds your brain and nerves with potassium


If the immune system needs vitamin C, your brain and nerves require potassium to work well. Also, your heart will benefit from the intake of potassium, keeping up the pace and functioning without a problem. Lemons have quite a high amount of potassium, higher even than grapes and apples.



It takes care of your digestion


Woman That Wants To Lose Weight

Bloated Woman

Woman with A heart Burn

Constipated Woman







When looking to lose weight, you should know that a proper digestion is a very important factor in this process. It will be hard to lose weight and detox if you have troubles in this area, more precisely if you deal with constipation. Lemon water will regulate your digestion, helping to eliminate toxins properly. It will also get rid of issues like bloating, burping, and heart burns, at the same time.



It helps you keep a fresh breath and great oral hygiene


Fresh BreathFresh Breath

Fresh Smile






Remember how we talked about the fact that lemon juice can attack the enamel of your teeth? Well, with some precaution, you can use this in your benefit. With other words, lemon juice will also attack the bacteria that cause a bad breath, tooth aches and even gingivitis. Since lemon water is the diluted form, you can safely drink it, because it will have effects this way as well. Just try not to brush your teeth after drinking lemon water, or if you need to brush them, do it before drinking this water. This way, you will allow the diluted lemon juice to do its job in your mouth.



Use it for the beauty of your skin


Wrinkled SkinWrinkle Free kak-izbavitsya-ot-pryshhej-003







We kept talking about how well it is to drink it, because you can even use it on your skin, for its health and beauty. It will help you with diminishing wrinkles and blemishes, but also age spots and scars, due to the high amounts of antioxidants and bleaching effect. It also has a cleansing effect, helping you remove the death skin cells at the skin’s surface, making it look more radiant. And due to its detoxifying properties and the fact that it will clean your blood, your skin will look luminous and healthy.



It is a great ally in the weight loss processes


Woman Losing Weight FastApple And Tape MeasureGlass of Fresh Lemon Water






This is probably one of the biggest benefits of drinking lemon water. Not only will it rejuvenate your entire system, but will also help you in the fight against extra pounds. How will it do it? Besides vitamins, lemons also contain pectin fibers, which is exactly what you need to stop feeling so hungry all the time.

Whenever you crave for something, drink a large glass of lemon water and you will feel better. Drinking it regularly will decrease the necessity of eating so often, because your body stays properly hydrated and enjoy a great level of fibers that will keep your stomach busy for longer periods.



Woman Having Pain at Several Part of BodyIt keeps illness and inflammation away


If the acidity in your body raises too high, the body’s functions stop working as they should, leaving the body exposed in front of diseases. Lemon water will help you by reducing this noxious acidity, if you drink it regularly, not allowing any disease to get installed. Also, it will prevent uric acid to get accumulated in your joints, being the primary cause of the inflammations that occur in these parts of the body.



It will kick your energy levels


Woman with Energy

Woman with Energy

Happy Energised Woman






When looking to lose weight, you know that without physical exercising you won’t manage to achieve the best results. But, when dieting the energy levels are usually lower, not allowing you to perform properly. Again, lemon water will not only keep hydration levels right, but will also boost your energy levels.

Even if it will make you feel more energetic, it will have opposite effects on depression and anxiety, lowering them and allowing you to relax and calm down. It is enough to feel the scent of a lemon and you will immediately feel better, so do make sure to make lemon water a part of your daily habits.



It can be a great alternative to coffee


Woman Drinking Lemonade with a Straw

Coffee in the morning is great, but your energy levels will crash at noon, making you feel lousy. Believe it or not, drinking a large glass of lemon water instead of coffee will have the same energizing effect, but without any unwanted side-effects. In fact, you will feel much better later on, as your body will have sufficient water to keep on going.



It will make viral infections a bad memory


Viral infections are mostly present when the season changes, as the organism is most fragile then. Do you remember the part when lemon water helps your immune system? That’s right, it will do this and keep these infections at a distance, together with the unwanted sore throat symptoms they bring along.

Top Foods for Weight Loss

18 Jun

The Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight with



All of us may want to shed a pound or two, gaining a physical shape we could be proud of. Unfortunately, many people consider that the best way to lose weight is to stop eating, or to eat very small quantities of certain foods. Such an approach is a wrong approach, because you are harming your organism through starvation. First of all, you will experience a lack of energy, a constant feeling of exhaustion, headaches, stomach pains and dizziness, if you don’t eat sufficient.


Woman wit a Stomach Ache
Stomach Pain
Tired Woman with a Headache
Hungry Woman
Starving woman







Even the easiest task will seem a huge burden, not to mention that you will be incapable of working out physically. Another negative effect would be the total failure of such a diet once you stop it. Because you deprived your body from proper food, it will immediately start making fat deposits once you will start eating a bit more consistent, so any weight you may have lost through this harsh method will go right back on your body, and you may gain even more weight.

Having these in mind, a diet should be a smart one, containing healthy and diverse foods, a number of healthy meals every day and plenty of water, freshly prepared juices and unsweetened herbal teas. You have to be committed to this process, also being aware that wonders will not happen overnight. A steady and consistent weight loss, even if it is not that impressive, will last longer and be healthier for your body.



Woman Drinking Water
Orange Juice
Orange Juice
Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea


You will have to change your lifestyle, meaning your eating habits, and introduce physical exercises in your daily routine, if you want to look fabulous your entire life. So, if you want to know what to eat to lose weight,


This is the list of foods to eat to lose weight with:



  • Beans


Bean Meal
Bean Soup
Baked Beans
Different types of Beans







If you are trying to lose weight and hate the feeling of hunger, you need to introduce beans in your diet. Any type of beans will do, and since there are so many, you will never run out of ideas for a meal. They are rich in proteins, making this way sure that your muscles will have plenty of energy, and will be digested slow by your stomach, giving you a feeling of satiety for a longer period. Also, we should mention that they are not expensive at all and can be prepared in various ways. You can prepare a delicious bean and vegetable stew, or you can add them boiled to your favourite salad, to make it more consistent.



  • Leafy greens


Spinach Juice
Spinach Juice
Green Leaf Salad
Green Leaf Salad







You cannot lose weight properly without leafy greens, because they are the key ingredient that will help you have a correct intake of fiber while dieting. You know very well that fibers will keep your stomach full and help your organism wash off any toxins and waste, so whatever you do, do not ignore leafy greens. Kale, spinach, collards, Swiss chard, parsley, and many others, will be a great addition to your diet. They have a very low content of calories, but are a cocktail of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, so you can eat them whenever you want and how many you want.



  • Healthy fats









A huge mistake is made by most people dieting when they cut down all the fats in their diet. Our body needs healthy fats to unroll its processes, foods like salmon, olive oil, avocado, and raw nuts and seeds, will provide the right kind of fats. Believe it or not, but a few table spoons of olive oil added to your meals will help you shed that stubborn belly fat. Also, salmon and other types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a major ingredient when it comes to keeping a healthy body, balancing the metabolism and losing weight.



  • Cruciferous vegetables


Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts








If you are not sure which are the cruciferous vegetables, you have to think at broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts. Again, they will contribute with a very low quantity of calories, offering you instead a lot of fibers, vitamins and quite decent amounts of proteins. With other words, your stomach will feel very well for a good period after eating them. And weight loss should not be the only reason to consume these veggies, as they have incredible effects on your health, some of them preventing cancer from appearing, which is an incredible aspect.



  • Whole eggs


Egg Meal
Boiled Egg Meal
Fresh Salad in a Bowl
Fresh Salad in a Bowl








Don’t be afraid to eat whole eggs while dieting, even if you heard that they are bad for your cholesterol. Everything is wrong about this statement, because recent studies showed that eggs have nothing to do with bad cholesterol or strokes. In fact, they are highly nutritious, providing a high amount of proteins and healthy fats, chasing your hunger away with very little calories. You don’t need to eat a lot of eggs to feel full, but they will provide a great amount of energy for a long period. Still, do opt for boiled eggs instead of fried ones, if you really want to make sure you’re eating healthy.



  • Fruits


Fruit Salat
Fruit Salat
Mix of Fruits
Mix of Fruits







No weight loss diet is complete without fresh fruits. They won’t only help you lose weight, due to their high content of water, vitamins and fibers, but are also the best thing you can do for your health. The best part is that you can eat whatever fruits you want, in any quantities you want. Still, you may want to be careful about bananas, as they are the most satiable fruits you will find available.

Citruses are amazing for weight loss, together with apples, pineapple, berries and others. The acids in citruses are known to wash fat deposits away, while strengthening your immune system. Apples and pineapples are high in fibers and vitamins, making them perfect as a snack. So do yourself a great favor and eat fresh fruits whenever you have the chance, being the best snack you can enjoy.



  • Chia seeds


Chia seeds
Black Chia seeds
Chia Seeds
Brown Chia Seeds
Chia Power Breakfast Bowl
Chia Jogurt Breakfast Bowl








These seeds are simply incredible, not only due to their contribution to weight loss but also for the nutrition they can offer. The chia seeds are a low-carb food, with high fiber content. An amazing characteristic of these seeds is that they can absorb a great amount of water, expending their size 11 to 12 times, because of their high fiber content. Thus, after you eat them, they turn into a gel, expanding their shape in your stomach and keeping you hunger-free for a longer time. So they are amazing when it comes to reducing appetite and because of their nutritional value, making them a great ally for losing weight.

Extreme Fat Burner for Her Review

17 Jun

The Diet Pills That Work Fast On Women


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Product: Extreme Fat Burner for Her (By Weight Imperium) ReviewExtreme Fat Burner For Her Review

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

Price: $38

Size: 60 Capsules per Bottle (1 month supply)

Directions: 2 Capsules a Day

My Rating: 9.5 – out of 10




Weight loss is an entire nation’s goal, if we are to look at the weight problems most people have and at the constant chance for finding the right diet. In fact, the Internet is filled with a high number of diets, which all promise miraculous weight loss. When it comes to weight loss supplements, the situation is almost the same, as you will find a wide range of these supplements, each of them making bigger promises than the other.

So, in a market bombarded by so many diets and supplements, what can be trust? Is there anything that could efficiently help us lose weight? I have found out something and I wish to share it with you, in my quest to find something efficient and safe for losing weight. So if you are an Oval or Apple body shape this supplement is perfect for your needed weight loss.



The Health and Safety First


Health And Safety FirstThe biggest issue I had when trying to look for a weight loss supplement is the fact that I was afraid for my safety and health. I heard about all kinds of awkward supplements with unknown provenience and ingredients, which do more harm than good. So, I research each product at a time, no rushing into making any decision, making sure that I will not suffer if I take such supplements.

What I like about Extreme Fat Burner is that every ingredient on the label is easy to understand. There are no names that seem like being taken from a laboratory or Sci-Fi movie. You can Google any ingredient you don’t know and you will find all the information you need to know about it. I noticed that there is nothing chemical about this product, its content being made out of vegetate extracts, vitamins and minerals, which are precisely what should such supplements contain.

They should support the organism during the weight loss process, not disturb or intervene in the natural processes of the body. The fact that Extreme Fat Burner did not contain any chemicals or strange substances, only natural ingredients, weighted a lot in my decision of buying it.



Now let’s talk about essential ingredients of the supplement



  • Garcinia CambogiaGarcinia Cambogia – this is a fruit specific to the Southeast Asia region. The extract of this fruit will increase metabolism and boost your energy, allowing you to burn calories in a more efficient rhythm



  • Cloves and CinnamonCloves and cinnamon – these two delicious spices are great supporters of digestion and metabolism. With other words, they will help you process calories better and burn fat.



  • GrapefruitGrapefruit – this fruit is incredible not only for your health but also for weight loss. It has high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants that protect your body and strengthen the immune system. Concerning weight loss, the grapefruits have enzymes that help burn fat.



  • Juniper BerriesJuniper berries – these berries are extremely healthy, as they are packed with antioxidants and minerals. It will detox your body, help your digestion and keep blood sugar levels under control.





  • Cranberries – more vitamins and minerals are coming from cranberries. It will help flush toxins out, keep stress away, help you in the fight with cellulite and burn fat.


Seaweed Kelp



  • Kelp – seaweed with high iodine content, which stimulates the thyroid and metabolism.





  • Curcumin powder – protects and detoxifies the liver, lowers cholesterol, and aids fat burning processes.




Bladderwrack Powder

  • Bladderwrack powder – a powder made out of seaweed, which also stimulated the thyroid and metabolism, for a more efficient fat burning.




Choline bitartrate

  • Choline bitartrate – is a nutrient soluble in water that increases the fat burning process. Choline bitartrate is considered part of the group of B complex vitamins. You can find it in many foods but is not naturally produced by the body making it an essential nutrient.



Food High in Chromium


  • Chromium – is an element known for aiding weight loss, by lowering blood sugar, cutting down the appetite, and not allowing anymore fat to be stored in the body. Food high in Chromium are Red wine, Broccoli, Grape Juice, Potatoes, Whole Wheat Bread.




Something That Will Keep Food Cravings Away



Ice Cream


Junk Food



When starting a diet, the biggest challenge is to stop those food cravings. If we could crave for a steamed broccoli or a salad, no one would ever have troubles with weight. But, unfortunately, we crave for unhealthy or sweet foods, like ice-cream, cake, chips, pizza and others that are not part of any diet in this world. Just like most people, I have food cravings too, managing them being the hardest thing to do when dieting.

When I heard about Extreme Fat Burner and about the fact that is an appetite suppressant, I knew that I had to give it a chance. I was willing to do anything to stop my stomach from growling so often. To my surprise, it worked, and I was able to stick to the meals in my diet. The secret to an efficient diet is to eat fewer calories than you can burn, so that your organism will start burning those fat deposits as well.

After taking this weight loss supplement, I was finally able to stick to my diet, with regular meals during the day and healthy snacks in between, without the discomfort created by food cravings. And what was even better was the fact that I still have enough energy to do everything I wanted to do during the day, including a training session at the gym. Usually, throughout my existence, diets used to drain me of energy, but eating healthy and diverse foods, taking a supplement that can handle cravings, and a physical exercising, are finally making me feel and look better.



Other Benefits of Extreme Fat Burner


Extreme Fat Burner

Woman With Tired Look

Eco Friendly Label






As mentioned before, a diet can be tiring for the body, as it needs to adjust to the new diet and lifestyle. So I experienced a lack of energy in every diet I tried. It was hard to keep up with the physical exercising in these conditions, because I often felt depleted. This time, because I started taking Extreme Fat Burner, I felt much better, as I had much more energy this time.

Practically, I didn’t felt my batteries depleted anymore and there was absolutely no reason to skip my gym training. I think it is much easier to stay motivated when the energy levels are appropriate throughout the day, when there are no food cravings to bug you and when you simply feel great. And the best part about this weight loss supplement is that it does not contain caffeine. So even the people that do not tolerate or don’t wish using caffeine can get the help from this product. A supplement should support the organism, and I believe that Extreme Fat Burner does this.

Caffeine Free
Caffeine Free


The explanation that leads to high energy levels and fat burning is simple. A metabolism that works at higher rates is able to transform all the nutrients we eat into energy. In case we eat fewer calories than our body needs to burn, it will start burning the fat deposits, which is exactly what we need while dieting. As I found out after a close inspection of the product, most ingredients are picked because they help improve the metabolism. There are many causes that can decrease the performances of the metabolism, and when this happens, we start taking on weight.



So this product is about helping the body do its job as it should, without introducing in the organism all the wrong substances. The human body will always tend towards balance, all we need to do is to support it. In order to lose weight safely and permanently, we need to adopt a healthy diet, physical exercises and a reliable supplement. For me, this combination worked best, much better than diets that starve you or other tricks that never work.

Extreme Fat Burner works, this supplement is partially responsible for my weight loss and the looks that I am starting to feel proud off. Other parts are because of my healthy diet and constant physical training. No matter what you do and how many supplements you take, without combining these three you won’t make it. And if you wish a supplement that won’t let you down, Extreme Fat Burner has what it takes.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

03 Jun

Everything About an Inverted Triangle Body Shape


Inverted Triangle Body Shape



Inverted Triangle Body ShapeWant to learn about an Inverted triangle body shape? This body shape is also known as the cone or strawberry body shape. It is the body shape with the most athletic appearance, without compromising the feminine appearance, women with this body shape being a rather frequent presence on the catwalk. So yes, it is the body shape of many famous top models. Women with this body shape will have a wide upper part of the body, with broad shoulders and back, and a generous bust. The hips, on the other hand, are slim, and a bottom has a tendency to be flat. Also, the waist is slightly marked, being not too prominent. The long and beautiful legs are probably the best assets this body shape has, so no wonder so many models fall into this category.




Health and Exercise


Egg and Salmon Meal








Even if it is an athletic body shape, women with inverted triangle body shape will gain weight if they are not careful when it comes to their diet and in the lack of physical exercises. And when this happens, the weight will accumulate in the area of the belly and upper part of the body first so that the result may be an awkward looking body. Thus, you should know that it is best to avoid eating simple carbs, foods that have high amounts of starch, like potatoes, white rice, and any products that contain wheat flour.

Also, avoid drinking carbonated soft drinks and foods that have too much sugar, as they will end up turning into fat deposits. Instead, opt for a diet made out of high-quality proteins, offered by chicken, fish, turkey, beans and whole wheat. Don’t forget to consume fresh fruits and veggies, and brown rice. And foods with Omega-3 fatty acids are also welcome, like salmon, olive oil, avocado, flax seed or various nuts.



Best Exercises for your shape


Skipping RopeSquats-ExerciseLeg Exercise


When working out, try to focus more on your lower body part than the top portion. For the upper body part, perform just maintenance exercising, like short and quick movements, without too much resistance. You want to avoid making this area look any bigger. Instead, you should develop the lower part of the body, for a balanced appearance. Work your abdomen and legs, like squats, abdominal crouches, jumping rope, biking, stepping, all with medium to high resistance.



Clothes for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape


Girl in an A Line Dress

Fashion for an Inverted Triangle

V Neck Skirt

Long Black V Neck Dress








Now that you know what to eat and what to do to look great, it is time to find out how to best dress, to make your inverted triangle body shape appear in the best light. Search for tops with narrow V-necks, as they will make your figure look slim in the upper area. What you wear at the top should have clean cuts and simple designs because embellishments create unnecessary volume. But, do prefer the ones that will mark your waist, making your curves appear much better. So don’t hesitate to wear belts and bands that will make your waist appear slimmer.

Concerning embellishments, you can use them in the lower part of the body because you need volume here. So choose pants with whiskering around the hips, with embellished or flap pockets, which have wide legs or boot cut. Skinny jeans will not work in your case because they will underline the unbalance between your shoulder and bust and thin hips. Go for A-line skirts and dresses when you feel like dressing more feminine.



Celebrities with Inverted Triangle Body Shape


Reneé Zellweger
Reneé Zellweger
Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton










Image Credits: Ovidiu Hrubaru, DFree, s_bukley / Shutterstock.com



Hourglass Body Shape

31 May

Everything You Need to know About a Hourglass Body Shape



About a Hourglass Body Shape



About a Hourglass Body ShapeThe hourglass body shape is probably the most beautiful and balanced body shape of all. The women who were born with it are lucky because all they need to do is maintain their body’s balance. How do you recognize it? Well, as the name suggests, the proportions between the upper and lower part of the body are almost the same, and the waist is nicely marked, setting the two apart. The hips and bust are of approximately the same width and are balanced as volume. The shoulders are in the same alignment with the hips, and the waist is beautifully defined. This is why it is considered to be the dream figure among women, only about 8.4% of all women are blessed enough to have this shape naturally.





Food Ideas


Meat Dish For Lunch









As mentioned before, you are both lucky and blessed to have this body shape. You can quickly gain weight and lose weight, your body aiming towards a balance if you do the right things. If you are wondering what the best diet for an hourglass shape is, you should know that a little bit of everything will do. The whole trick is to eat healthily and maintain a balance in your diet. Don’t abuse fatty foods or unhealthy ones, because these would ruin the shape and health of anyone. So maintain a diverse diet, paying attention to consuming healthy and high-quality foods, and your body will have a great time.



Health and exercise


A Young Woman ExercisingGlass of WaterYoga Hourglass Body Shape


When an hourglass body shape gains weight, this can be seen overall, as the fat will evenly distribute itself throughout the body. So losing it will be the same, a lifestyle adjustment being needed. What does this mean? It means that you need to straighten your diet and eat healthy, do some exercising and drink plenty of water. Yes, it is not complicated to lose weight and be fit if you have this body shape, all you need being some will and determination.

No wonder everybody wishes to have such a body. When working out, the main idea is tone the entire body and underlines those curves. Be balanced in exercising as well, working your legs, hips and bottom, together with your arms, shoulders and back. And let us not forget about the tummy area, which needs to be nicely sculpted, to show your perfect waist.



Fashion and Hourglass Body Shape


Dress For a Hourglass Body

Hourglass Body Shape Fashion

Hourglass Fashion







Just like in the case of any other body shapes, clothes can help you look amazing if you make the right picks. If you have the hourglass body shape, tops with a V-neck and marked waist will make you look beautiful, slim and create the impression of being taller. Don’t avoid wrap-style and form fitting tops either.

Also, the empire waist tops will only make your balanced proportions be noticed easily, fitting nicely on your body. When it comes to bottoms, you can wear anything you want. Yes, you are lucky to do that, the only requirement is to pair the bottoms with the right top, to create a balanced appearance. So feel free to be creative, as long as you keep the right volumes around the hips and bust, and allow your waist to be visible.



The Famous People with a Hourglass Body Shape


Scarlet Johansson
Scarlett Johansson
Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek











Image Credits: Denis Makarenko, Buzzfuss, Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com


Pear Body Shape

30 May

Everything You Need to Know About a Pear Body Shape 



Pear Body Shape



Pear Body Shape

Do you have a rather generous bum area, while the rest of your body tends to be thinner? Then it is very likely for you to have the pear body shape, or triangle shape, as it is also called. In this situation, the hips are wider than the shoulders, and the waist is nicely marked. Because of this, you often need to get a bigger size for pants and skirts than what you may require for tops. You should not consider your body shape as disproportionate because it can be attractive if you are careful about what you eat, how you exercise and what you wear. The only downside is that when gaining weight, or chaotically losing weight, your body shape can shift, underlying some areas more than others, which will create an unbalanced appearance.



As mentioned before, pear shaped women have a lower body area that is larger than the upper one. So it is more than obvious that in the case of fat deposits, it will start by settling in the tummy, hips, and bottom area, and on your legs, first. Then, gradually, they will go up your body. This is why some women have enlarged hips and bum area, and rather skinny arms because this is how the pear body shape gains weight.



Health and diet foods


FruitFruit cereals breakfastFish Dish


Wish to know what you can eat? Well, the biggest challenge is to lose weight efficiently, so that your body is fit and balanced. So you will need to be careful with what fats and how much of them you consume. Keep them down and focus more on a complex carbohydrates diet, consisting of lentils, beans, and whole-grain cereals. Proteins are also a must, introduced in your system by eating chicken and fish. Let us not forget about fresh fruits and veggies, which will give you everything you need to shed those pounds.



Pear body shape and exercise


Arm ExercisePear Body Shape ExerciseSwimming


Concerning exercising, what pear shaped women do most often is focus too much on their lower part of the body. They do too many lunges and other leg exercises, considering that this is a burning problem that needs to be solved. Well, there is nothing wrong in keeping your bum, legs and hips all nice and toned, but you should not forget about your upper part either. Through exercising, you will need to form a balance between these two areas, so shoulder, back, and arm exercising are a must. You need to develop beautiful muscles here as well, for example swimming should help you to give your upper body some volume.



Fashion for a pear shaped body


Structural Sleeves BlouseBlouse for a Pear Shapefashion-1338999_960_720


Besides a correct diet and exercising, clothes can also help your pear body shape look the best. Since your shoulders are narrower, you will need to pick tops that can bring some volume to this area. So go for ruffled tops, boat necks, with embellishments around the shoulders and bust area, and with structural sleeves. The waist should be properly market, to create an hourglass impression. So wear jackets that end above the widest part of your hips.

Empire style dresses and blouses are also recommended, together with anything that will make your waist be noticed quickly. Considering the bottom part, go for pants that have clean cuts and no embellishments. A darker colour and a line that falls straight from the widest part of your hips are also flattering and give your body a balanced look. And if you are in the mood for skirts, the A-lines will do the trick best in your case.



The Famous People with a Pear Body Shape



Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys











Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez











Image Credits: Featureflash Photo Agency, Everett Collection, Tinseltown,/Shutterstock.com

Straight body shape

28 May

Everything You Need to Know About a Straight Body Shape



Straight Body Shape (Rectangle)



Straight Body Shape We all look different, but not because of the way we dress, more because of the way our body looks. Yes, our bodies have different shapes, the straight or rectangular body shape being one of them. Are you wondering what the particularities of this body shape are? First, the figure of a person with a straight body is rather slim, as they are tall persons. The shoulders are wide and are in the same alignment with the hips, the waist line being very slightly marked. The bust is not too generous, although the limbs are quite long and delicate. Thinking that this shape is something apart? Well, you should know that about 45% of women have this body shape, being one of the most common types of body.




If you have this body shape, you may have noticed that gaining weight is a challenge for you. The persons with a straight body shape have a fast metabolism, efficiently burning calories and avoiding putting on weight. Besides this, women with this body shape are more prone to lead an active life, as they exercise easier and stay fit. Thus, the incidence of heart conditions are the rarest, in this case, a straight body shape also meaning a healthy heart in most cases. But, this doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you want and in any quantity. The way you look and your health will be affected by an unhealthy diet. And if such a person will gain weight chaotically, the fat deposits will appear in the belly area.



Health and Exercise


Chicken MealFood prone Asian mealExercise To Tone Up


What should a person with this body type eat? A diet rich in proteins is recommended, which is paired with a regular exercising program, for lean muscle development. Go for white meat, like chicken and turkey, fish, and beans, for the best protein intake. Don’t forget to add bananas and brown rice for energy, due to the intake of complex carbohydrates. Concerning physical exercising, a woman with a straight body shape does not have to exercise to lose weight, but to maintain a good tone up of the body and muscles. So, cardio workout and weight resistance training will develop great muscles, to help balance the look of the body.



Fashion for a straight body shape!


Skirt for Straight Body ShapeShirt for Straight Body ShapeRushed Blouse for Straight Body Shape


If you have the straight body shape, here is what you need to know about dressing to look fabulous. You will need to add some volumes so that you can give the impression of some curves on your body. Pick tops with a boat neck, shirts, and blouses with puffed or flared sleeves, and with a loose fit. Jewellery and accessories in the upper half is a must, a belt or waistband being welcome as well, as they will mark the waist better.

Belted tops, nipped tops, and empire dresses should also be on your list. Concerning pants, almost any pants would do, the best ones being with details around the hips and bottom area, for the illusion of dimension. Still, you may want to avoid pants that are too flared, as they will make you look too square. And regarding dresses, you should wear A-line, full circle, pencil and ruffled skirts. Keep in mind that you need some volume around the hips and bottom.



The Famous People with a Straight Body Shape


Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow










Image Credits: (Joe Seer, Everett Collection, Sky Cinema/Shutterstock.com)