The three basic human body types

The three basic human body types


Did you know that the human body is categorized into three different types? Well, we all knew that we are different, as no person is the same with another, but these types can indeed influence the way you work out, for instance. So if you are wondering why your physical training is not delivering the best results, why you look in a particular way, you should know that these aspects can be closely connected to the type of your body. Find out what type of body you have, to understand it better and become more efficient when it comes to being fit. As a general mention, the three human body types are the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph, and we are going to talk about the details of each of them in the following lines.


  • Ectomorph

The ectomorphs are the persons that are tall and thin, with narrow shoulders and hips, a thin face and high forehead. The chest and abdomen are tight as well, body fat is almost absent, and the limbs are thin as well. It is the type that has the most trouble with gaining weight and building muscle mass. It is not impossible to have nicely shaped muscles, but it will need a bit more patience than in the case of the others because the process is slower. This happens because ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, which carbohydrates at a faster pace, explaining why fat is so scarce in the case of these persons.

Intense cardio workout and isolated training for muscle groups is not a wise strategy because it will not help you get the muscle grow you need. Also, you don’t need to hit the gym five days a week, because if you are an ectomorph, your metabolism is already burning out too much. It is sufficient to work out for three days a week, in sessions that are no longer than 45 minutes, using movements that involve more muscle groups at once. So the big compound movements are the ones that work best in this case.

What to eat? Believe it or not, an ectomorph should consume about 3,000 calories per day, to compensate the burn of its body’s fast metabolism. If you want to gain some muscles, eat plenty of protein, carbs, and fats, with other words meals rich in calories. If you find yourself in this category, you should know that potatoes, wholegrain bread and oats should not be entirely avoided. And do keep stress levels low, because the produced cortisol while being stress will get in your way of gaining muscles.


  • Mesomorph

Mesomorphs are probably the luckiest of them all because they have a body that is muscular without investing too much effort in it. If you have friends that envy you for your looks, and a few workouts are enough to get your muscles pumped, you are probably a mesomorph. For you, gaining or losing weight are not significant challenges, seeming to achieve both of them as you wish. The shoulders are wide, but the waist is small. The strong forearms and tights fit perfect on a muscular body. The body fat is scarce because muscle fiber primes. Because the genes are so great in the case of mesomorphs, they usually become the most successful bodybuilders. And with a long torso, a nice full chest, and the perfect ratio between shoulders and waist, it is hard to believe they are not made for this.

In contrast with the ectomorphs, mesomorphs have higher levels of myogenin, a gene that is responsible for muscle growth, explaining why it isn’t so hard for the persons with this body type to gain muscle mass. When it comes to working out, knowing that they look better with low effort may make the mesomorphs not work as hard as they should. So an approach with goal setting and shorter but more intense training sessions may fit them better. Sprints, vertical jumps, box, and other plyometric exercises pay off the best results. So it is not wise to take your body for granted and consider that you can eat whatever you want and workout however you want, even if the genes favor you. The meals of mesomorphs should be balanced, containing about 40% carbs, 30% lean protein and 30% healthy fats. So a plate with steamed veggies, grilled chicken with spices and olive oil, plus some wholegrain bread will be just perfect, as an example.


  • Endomorph

Endomorphs are persons with a soft and a round-shaped body, having trouble when it comes to losing weight, although gaining muscle mass is not necessarily an issue for this body type. Such a person will have both the shoulders and hips wide, offering them a pear-shaped body. Fat is quite present, especially in the arms and tights, in contrast with the ankles and wrists, which are thin. The bones are wide and metabolism slow, making them gain weight rather fast and losing it a difficult challenge. And because the endomorph is so exposed to gaining fat fast, the muscle mass gain ends up being covered by the fatty tissue. The thing is that you should not be disappointed by your body because only the modern lifestyle is giving you a hard time. Back in the days, when food was scarce, the ability of your organism to store fat was a lifesaving one. Only the fast-food restaurants, the couch, and the TV are making times harder for endomorphs these days.

Long and slow cardiovascular training sessions are not helpful in the case of endomorphs, interval-based conditioning being much better. Box jumps and sprints, and other fast and intense physical exercises, are the best choice. In case your body weight is posing a danger to your joints, you should opt for moves just like the sled push, which are intense but without creating pressure on the joints. Also, weight-training is also highly recommended, because it will burn fat even after the training session ended. When it comes to the right diet, a low-carb diet is a must, without pushing out the oats and brown rice. High protein and plenty of fiber intakes are other parts of an endomorph’s diet. Go for greens, should as spinach and green tea because they burn fat, and vegetables, for carbs. Bread and rice should be something that endomorphs will not put on their plates. So don’t forget about intensive physical training and keeping an eye on the carbs you eat. You may want to avoid drinking sports drinks or jogging for hours because it will not help you at all.

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  1. Thats an interesting website ,It works very well in Italy , due to the fashion industry that we have all around Milano,
    But i would recommend you installing the language translating plug in so everybody can use this valuable information on your website , other than that its a great niche
    Wishing you best of luck

    1. Hi Yousseph. Thank you so much for your comment. Its a website in its start and translating plug is definitely on the plan later on down the road :). Thank you for your appreciation and constructive comment. All the best

  2. Sigh, I must be an ectomorph, your description of my body type matches perfectly. Guess I should be eating more to gain some weight especially since I exercise regularly. It’s a bit frustrating to not be able to gain weight after all that work but at least I know why. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Jeff, Thank you for your comment. Based on what you said without actually seeing your figure its hard to say but if you believe you are a ectomorph, then yes, you should eat more and avoid intense cardio workout and do more weight lifting to build a bit of muscle. I know it might be frustrating because its hard work but look at your body type from a positive side as you will always have a slim figure and that way you will stay away from serious diseases that other body types can develop easily. All the best 🙂

  3. This is a great analysis of various body compositions. I enjoyed reading your dietary analyses and recommendations. If i had one complaint it would be that there is not enough pictures, but being fussy. I was curious as endomorphs struggle to lose weight are they more likely to development non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes?

  4. Hi Kyle, Thank you so much for your honest comment. I am working on improvements and in a short time I will have more pictures available. And Yes, the answer to your question is Endomorph body type is more likely to develop serious illnesses because the heavier they are the more serious the risk can be. So they should try and eat healthier food and exercise regularly that can unfortunatelly be quite dificult. Thank you and all the best

  5. I guess with these definitions, I’m an endomorph who loves bread and carbs of various kinds. I know a couple echo morphs and mesomorphs and I’m amazed at what they can get away with eating. I suppose I should look more into diets for endomorphs for myself. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Vynette,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, as a endomorph you need to watch what you eat. If you eat more often and smaller portions you will see how much better your digestion will work and easier weight loss should follow. I know it sometimes looks unfair to see others eat so much and they still do not worry about their figure but because every person is different I felt the need to explain the difference of each body type, the exercise and food they should eat. Hopefully this article will help to answer few questions.

  6. I have no idea that there are 3 types of human body out there and after studying the chart, I guess I am rather fortunate to be a Mesomorph.

    All the things that you describe fits me perfectly. People always envy for my natural build up and that I don’t put on weight easily. I always knew it has something to do with the gene, but I didn’t know what is it.

    My agile body has allowed me to be productive at what I do and for that, I am really grateful.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I am glad my articles gave you more knowledge about what type of body you might have. You should be really grateful for having this genes 🙂

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