Female body and proportions

Female body and proportions



Which Body Shape Are You



Today’s society is obsessed about the female body and proportions. In this article you can learn more about it and have a good look at the female body shape in pictures. So which one out of these five basic female body shapes are you?


You may have noticed how the bodies of women are different, how a certain clothing item looks unattractive on you but flatters the body of other. Yes, women are different when it comes to bodies, knowing your shape and making choices accordingly will help you look better. According to what type of body you have, you should know what exercises should be done with priority and what clothes to buy so that your physical shape always looks harmonious. What type of body shape do I have? Let’s just have a look at the following body shapes and their particularities, for an answer to this question, and learning about fashion for different body shapes.



  • Straight body shape or rectangle


A woman with a straight body shape will have the chest, waist, and hips of reasonably the same dimensions. It is a thin physical form, the person who has it not having any troubles with weight gaining because their metabolism is usually fast. So if you have a small bust, a straight line for the shoulders and rib cage, and no to average tummy, you enter this category. If you want to get fit, avoid too much cardio, because you already have a thin figure. Focus instead on creating a better proportion between shoulders and legs, working these groups of muscles every week, together with your back muscles.

Wondering what to dress with? You will need to mark your waist, so go for tops that have belts attached or nipped waists. The tops that favour your silhouette the most are the boat-neck ones or the ones with U and V-necks. Also, opt for tops with embellishments around the shoulder and bust areas, or with structural sleeves. Concerning the bottoms, you will need to add some volume in the lower area of your body, so don’t go for skinny jeans and tight skirts. Instead, opt for a bubble skirts or ones with details in the upper part. The pants should be full or slightly flared, with side pockets or wide waistbands.

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  • Pear body shape


The pear body shape means that you have hips that are wider than your bust. Still, it doesn’t mean that the bust is small. The neck is elegant, and there is a definite waistline, so don’t be afraid to show it. In the case of women with this body shape, the weight gaining starts in the legs and hips, and slowly moves up, towards the tummy and upper side of the body. So you’d better be careful about this and work your lower body more.

Again, you will have to add some volume and visual effects of making your bust and shoulder larger, so opt for tops that have structural shoulders, princess of flutter sleeves, embellishments in the upper part, colourful or with bold patterns. In the lower body area, A-line skirts and dresses are the best. Avoid any volumes and large pockets in the bottom area, in skirts and pants as well. The pants should fall straight down from the widest part of your hips, having a relaxed cut and dark colours.

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  • Hourglass body shape


The hourglass is considered to be the most attractive female body shape, because of its almost equal proportions. The bust and hips have nearly the same size, while the waist is nicely marked, setting the two apart. If you have this body shape, you gain and lose weight evenly, so a balanced physical training program, with a diversity of exercises, will do the trick in your case. This is the shape so many women are trying to acquire, so be thankful you have it.

Don’t be afraid to show your waist, so go for tops that define it. Belted tops, form-fitting and wrap-style tops, are ideal for you. You can even go for flowing tops, as long as you mark the waist with a band. Pencil pants and high-waist pants work will look great on your body, together with skinny jeans and skirts that will show your beautiful legs. Avoid clothes that have volumes that hide your nicely proportioned curves and body shapes.

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  • Inverted triangle body shape


In the case of this body shape, the shoulders, bust and back tend to be wider than your bottom. The waist is slightly marked, and there is a tendency of gaining weight in the area of the tummy. Still, the legs are your best asset. Use the stepper and treadmill, together with exercises for the legs, to add some volume to this side of the body. And be careful about your tummy fat.

When dressing an inverted body shape, the trick is to balance the bust with the hips. So you will need V-neck tops as they elongate your upper part of the body. Tops that have the waistline marked, wrap-style tops and dark coloured tops are preferred. A-line skirts will create the hourglass effect, so try to avoid the tight ones. The jeans should have whispering in the area of the hip, and the pants should be with a boot cut or slightly flared. Skinny pants should be avoided.

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  • Oval body shape or apple

Women with the apple shape are usually shorter, with a generous bust, thin legs, and narrow hip, with a full midsection. It is a clear tendency of gaining weight in the middle area of the body. Go for cardio workouts if you want to lose weight, although the elliptical machine is not recommended, because it will elongate the legs more than necessary. But, you should perform squats and presses, for the legs, because you need to create a volume that will balance the upper part of your body, which is already generous.

Because the waist is almost not defined in the case of this body shape, you will have to dress so that it will become visible and make you look more slender. Again, go for tops with a marked waistline, like belts and bands. Square necks, V, and U shape necks will also help you elongate your upper part. Choose the ones that have vertical designs, and avoid horizontal ones, and tops that are looser around the hips. You will need some volume in the lower part, so dress up with bubble, flared or tiered skirts. The pants should be with wide legs. The cargo and safari pants are great because they have a defined hip area and large rear pockets. Or you can opt for pants with mid-rise waists.

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  1. I really like how you are able to differentiate the different needs of the various body types here. I know my wife is a pear shape and I will definitely keep your tips in mind when buying clothes for her.

    1. James, Thank you for your comment. I am happy that you found my post helpful. I am sure you have done great job with buying clothes for your wife in the past and now you can just excel at it even more :). All the best

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