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28 May

Everything You Need to Know About a Straight Body Shape



Straight Body Shape (Rectangle)



Straight Body Shape We all look different, but not because of the way we dress, more because of the way our body looks. Yes, our bodies have different shapes, the straight or rectangular body shape being one of them. Are you wondering what the particularities of this body shape are? First, the figure of a person with a straight body is rather slim, as they are tall persons. The shoulders are wide and are in the same alignment with the hips, the waist line being very slightly marked. The bust is not too generous, although the limbs are quite long and delicate. Thinking that this shape is something apart? Well, you should know that about 45% of women have this body shape, being one of the most common types of body.




If you have this body shape, you may have noticed that gaining weight is a challenge for you. The persons with a straight body shape have a fast metabolism, efficiently burning calories and avoiding putting on weight. Besides this, women with this body shape are more prone to lead an active life, as they exercise easier and stay fit. Thus, the incidence of heart conditions are the rarest, in this case, a straight body shape also meaning a healthy heart in most cases. But, this doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you want and in any quantity. The way you look and your health will be affected by an unhealthy diet. And if such a person will gain weight chaotically, the fat deposits will appear in the belly area.



Health and Exercise


Chicken MealFood prone Asian mealExercise To Tone Up


What should a person with this body type eat? A diet rich in proteins is recommended, which is paired with a regular exercising program, for lean muscle development. Go for white meat, like chicken and turkey, fish, and beans, for the best protein intake. Don’t forget to add bananas and brown rice for energy, due to the intake of complex carbohydrates. Concerning physical exercising, a woman with a straight body shape does not have to exercise to lose weight, but to maintain a good tone up of the body and muscles. So, cardio workout and weight resistance training will develop great muscles, to help balance the look of the body.



Fashion for a straight body shape!


Skirt for Straight Body ShapeShirt for Straight Body ShapeRushed Blouse for Straight Body Shape


If you have the straight body shape, here is what you need to know about dressing to look fabulous. You will need to add some volumes so that you can give the impression of some curves on your body. Pick tops with a boat neck, shirts, and blouses with puffed or flared sleeves, and with a loose fit. Jewellery and accessories in the upper half is a must, a belt or waistband being welcome as well, as they will mark the waist better.

Belted tops, nipped tops, and empire dresses should also be on your list. Concerning pants, almost any pants would do, the best ones being with details around the hips and bottom area, for the illusion of dimension. Still, you may want to avoid pants that are too flared, as they will make you look too square. And regarding dresses, you should wear A-line, full circle, pencil and ruffled skirts. Keep in mind that you need some volume around the hips and bottom.



The Famous People with a Straight Body Shape


Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow










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  1. Hello Lenka,

    I’ve to say that every body shape is beautiful in its own way. No matter which shape you have, it can look good with enough hard work in the gym. And also, every shape can be ruined with the wrong diet and the lack of physical activity. This particular shape looks good. A girl in the picture obviously needs some work, but it looks kinda good even like this.

    I also really like your job on this website. It’s obvious that you put a lot of effort into your articles.


    1. Hi Julius,

      Yes, You are right, all women shapes can be beautiful. It just need a bit more effort to keep the looks going :). Hopefully with my new content coming in every week, every woman can find something that can interest her and make her look a bit more beautiful, that`s what Compliment Collector is here for. Thank you for your comment and all the best.

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