What’re the Benefits of Lemon Water

22 Jun

 What’re the Benefits of Lemon Water?




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We know that lemons are rich in vitamins and we also know that we should drink a sufficient amount of water. Well, if you are trying to lose weight and wash away the toxins in your organism, you should know that lemon water is a combination between the two that should not miss from your diet. But, why drink lemon water instead of just eating lemons or drinking their juice?

Even if lemons are packed with vitamins and minerals, like vitamins C and B, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and fibers, their juice can be quite harsh on your digestion and teeth enamel, due to its acidity. So it is best to dilute it with water, enjoying all the benefits lemons can give you, while staying hydrated as well. Here are the reasons why you should do so.



It keeps your immune system working properly



Young Woman Infected with Cold

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If you didn’t know, your immune system needs vitamin C to work properly and fight off any infections, viruses or bacteria that are trying to make you ill. Luckily, lemons have plenty of vitamin C, so drinking lemon water will keep you on the safe side. It will keep colds and flu away, together with a set of infections, promoting a great state of health. You may also make sure you drink this water especially when you are stressed, because stress affects negatively your immune system.



It feeds your brain and nerves with potassium


If the immune system needs vitamin C, your brain and nerves require potassium to work well. Also, your heart will benefit from the intake of potassium, keeping up the pace and functioning without a problem. Lemons have quite a high amount of potassium, higher even than grapes and apples.



It takes care of your digestion


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When looking to lose weight, you should know that a proper digestion is a very important factor in this process. It will be hard to lose weight and detox if you have troubles in this area, more precisely if you deal with constipation. Lemon water will regulate your digestion, helping to eliminate toxins properly. It will also get rid of issues like bloating, burping, and heart burns, at the same time.



It helps you keep a fresh breath and great oral hygiene


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Remember how we talked about the fact that lemon juice can attack the enamel of your teeth? Well, with some precaution, you can use this in your benefit. With other words, lemon juice will also attack the bacteria that cause a bad breath, tooth aches and even gingivitis. Since lemon water is the diluted form, you can safely drink it, because it will have effects this way as well. Just try not to brush your teeth after drinking lemon water, or if you need to brush them, do it before drinking this water. This way, you will allow the diluted lemon juice to do its job in your mouth.



Use it for the beauty of your skin


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We kept talking about how well it is to drink it, because you can even use it on your skin, for its health and beauty. It will help you with diminishing wrinkles and blemishes, but also age spots and scars, due to the high amounts of antioxidants and bleaching effect. It also has a cleansing effect, helping you remove the death skin cells at the skin’s surface, making it look more radiant. And due to its detoxifying properties and the fact that it will clean your blood, your skin will look luminous and healthy.



It is a great ally in the weight loss processes


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This is probably one of the biggest benefits of drinking lemon water. Not only will it rejuvenate your entire system, but will also help you in the fight against extra pounds. How will it do it? Besides vitamins, lemons also contain pectin fibers, which is exactly what you need to stop feeling so hungry all the time.

Whenever you crave for something, drink a large glass of lemon water and you will feel better. Drinking it regularly will decrease the necessity of eating so often, because your body stays properly hydrated and enjoy a great level of fibers that will keep your stomach busy for longer periods.



Woman Having Pain at Several Part of BodyIt keeps illness and inflammation away


If the acidity in your body raises too high, the body’s functions stop working as they should, leaving the body exposed in front of diseases. Lemon water will help you by reducing this noxious acidity, if you drink it regularly, not allowing any disease to get installed. Also, it will prevent uric acid to get accumulated in your joints, being the primary cause of the inflammations that occur in these parts of the body.



It will kick your energy levels


Woman with Energy

Woman with Energy

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When looking to lose weight, you know that without physical exercising you won’t manage to achieve the best results. But, when dieting the energy levels are usually lower, not allowing you to perform properly. Again, lemon water will not only keep hydration levels right, but will also boost your energy levels.

Even if it will make you feel more energetic, it will have opposite effects on depression and anxiety, lowering them and allowing you to relax and calm down. It is enough to feel the scent of a lemon and you will immediately feel better, so do make sure to make lemon water a part of your daily habits.



It can be a great alternative to coffee


Woman Drinking Lemonade with a Straw

Coffee in the morning is great, but your energy levels will crash at noon, making you feel lousy. Believe it or not, drinking a large glass of lemon water instead of coffee will have the same energizing effect, but without any unwanted side-effects. In fact, you will feel much better later on, as your body will have sufficient water to keep on going.



It will make viral infections a bad memory


Viral infections are mostly present when the season changes, as the organism is most fragile then. Do you remember the part when lemon water helps your immune system? That’s right, it will do this and keep these infections at a distance, together with the unwanted sore throat symptoms they bring along.

4 thoughts on “What’re the Benefits of Lemon Water

  1. I pretty much hate lemons. I don’t like anything with lemon in it except lemonade. So, I could probably drink lemon water if its good for me. The first thing that caught my eye in your post was regarding potassium. I take a prescription that depletes my potassium and I have to get regular samples to see where my levels are, and that is usually followed by instructions on how to get more potassium.

    1. Hello Leahrae,

      Yes, drinking lemon water is really super healthy and if you really dislike lemon try to drink lemon water through a straw as it will not only protect your teeth from enamel damage but also the lemon taste will not be as strong. Its great you are keeping an eye on your potassium level as it is quite important for your overall health balance. Thank you and have a great day 🙂

  2. I’ve started taking lemon water for lunch nowadays. Cut two slices and let it steep in my thermos over the morning hours. By noon, the taste is just nice.

    I am trying to cut down on my carbs for lunch and eat primarily veges, meat and lemon water (sometime with honey). It makes me feel lighter and more energize to work actually. Definitely a cheaper and healthier version than all the sweetened lemon juices out there.

    1. Yes Cathy,

      You have made a great decision by drinking lemon water and honey is just the cherry on the top of the cake, as it will give your body even more vitamins. Your body will detoxify it self and you should notice more radiant skin appearance with stronger immune system.

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